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Russian's Strategy — Possible Response

🇺🇦It is becoming clear that Russians are angry about the near collapse of their army in south and east Ukraine. The strategy now seems to bomb all over Ukraine, mostly civilian infrastructures, to terrorize the civil population, double down with Belarus, and get ready for another take from the north for a second time. They probably hope to disrupt the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south by diverting precious Ukrainian army resources back to the north. Devilish.

Here’s what would be my plan:

First and foremost: officially declare Russia a terrorist state. Then:

  1. Apply all possible remaining sanctions against Russia;

  2. Apply all possible sanctions against Belarus;

  3. Fully Isolate Kaliningrad economically and commercially;

  4. Kick out Russia from the Security Council at the UN;

  5. Bring more military resources to Nato countries in Europe;

  6. Send all requested anti-air, tanks and long-range missile launchers to Ukraine ASAP.