Numeric Citizen Blog (Test)

100 days

Time flies. It’s been already 100 days since the beginning of the criminal declaration of war on the west by Putin and his team of criminals. One hundred days of suffering by Ukraine and the rest of the world. One hundred days of war crimes, destruction and stealing of lives and lands. One hundred days of redefining the global security, or lack of security, landscape.

How long will it take to end this shit? How long before we can put Putin to trial for war crimes? How long before we reconstruct Ukraine and retake their lands? How long before we learn to not let this happens again, for real this time?

Special mentions for those who participate in letting this happen again: French president Macron for telling us, seriously, that we shouldn’t humiliate Russia, the Turkish president for trading Ukraine loves to advance his political agenda, Hungary’s president for being too close to Russia and finally Switzerland’s president who refuses to help Ukraine with weapons.