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On Ukrainian's "Special Operation"

💥Today’s news about a possible attack by the Ukrainian army on Russia’s land is potentially game-changing in this war between Ukraine and Russia. A few thoughts.

First, Russia doesn’t have the exclusive right to use “Special Operation” when referring to war-related actions. Second and more seriously, Who did this? If indeed it is Ukraine, was it to test Russia’s defense? If so, Russian again failed miserably from a military perspective at protecting its territory as, surprisingly, helicopters didn’t face any shots from the ground. Is someone paying attention to the sky in Russia? Another point goes in the column of “weak army.” Mind blown. Or is it that Ukraine wants something else, drag deeper Russia into war and force the west to intervene? Is this scenario too twisted?

What if it is Russia? I wouldn’t be surprised at a deliberate act to help build even more momentum and justify what they are doing against Ukraine. This momentum will be needed when Russia returns on the east front once they finish regrouping and replenishing their units.

The next few hours will be interesting to watch. 📺

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