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Russia Isn't That Super Power

🤔 I’m not a military expert, far from it, but as we go further into this insane and highly criminal war, facts show there is something wrong with the Russian army. Highly exposed and long columns of standing still vehicles, attacking on way too many fronts at once, losing so many soldiers in such a short time frame, are good examples that show how amateurish the Russian army is. Russia isn’t a superpower, both military and economically. Rumours are to the effect that missiles inventories are at an all-time low. And I’m not even talking about troops’ morale. As much as 75% of the operational army of Russia is supposedly dedicated to the invasion of Ukraine. Only 25% of their active resources are left scattered across Russia. 🇷🇺🔫

Russia apparently is failing at their primary military objectives: occupy territory in a sustainable way and seize Ukraine’s leadership.

Now the question is: why are so scared of Russia?

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